Humility… something that seems like a virtue we strive for, but is something that seems complicated to actually work on obtaining. Right?

I mean, if you say you are humble, are you really humble? Or if you say your not humble, does that mean you actually are?textgram_1468856891 See what I mean? How can you be humble yet confident?

One way to kind of measure how humble we are is our ability to be teachable and rely on others for guidance. Particularly to learn how to rely on God for direction. Knowing that we cannot do it by ourselves, yet with help we know we can do great things! Being humble doesn’t mean we have not confidence to do anything.. Being humble just means we know we are not the best and the greatest thing to happen on the Earth.

The actual definition for humble:¬†having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.

Being humble also does not include comparison. To be humble does not mean you need to compare yourself to others seeing that you are not as good as them. Being humble is without comparison. You are not better or worse than anyone else. You just simply recognise the need for learning and growth constantly in your life. You know that without God, you cannot accomplish the things you want or are asked to do. The recognition to ask for help and guidance from above.

So how do you accomplish this without losing your confidence? Your self worth or value? Things you should also be striving for?

In my eyes, there are 2 ways:

  1. Have a big hard trial. Something so big and hard, you realize that you just cannot do it on your own. Something that compels you to be humble.
  2. Choose to pursue something that is BIGGER than you. Something you just do not have what it takes inside of you to accomplish. If you were told to build a boat, would you know exactly what to do? Would you be able to do it all on your own- no help- without it sinking? This kind of big goal- something so big you turn to God and others for help. This will humble you.

#2 is what I want to talk about. Who wants to have a big fat trial put upon you to help you be humble. Will it work? Yes. Very well actually. But will you turn to God and others for help? maybe. Not a guarantee… You still have that choice. ¬†When you CHOOSE to pursue a goal so big that you realise you do not have what it takes on your own, you have a choice.. You can turn to God for direction and help OR you can choose to try it on your own and fail a few times before you realize you need help. Either way it is a great way to be humbled.
I know that with God anything is possible. There are so many stories and things to back this up. Over and over again this point is proven in the scriptures. The thing that makes them successful with these big tasks they are asked to do are:

  1. They chose to listen to God and do what he asked even though it seemed scary. (they didn’t chicken out)
  2. They turned back to God and asked for help and directions instead of trying it on their own and failing. (ask for help)
  3. They did it. They did not give up… They saw it through to the end. (do it)

All things YOU can do too!! I would like to invite you to say a little prayer. Today. Ask what your big thing you are supposed to do is. What is the thing you are feeling called and inspired to do?

Then, ask. Ask for help. ask how. Ask what. Ask when. Ask why… Ask. And you will receive an answer and direction. The people crazy enough to think they can change the world are those who are crazy enough to actually do it.

I believe in you. I believe in a bigger picture of the world. If everyone stepped up to the plate and really made their mark on the world for good, would that not create such a beautiful place? I believe it can happen. And I believe YOU are part of that picture.

Now it is time. Time to do it. Go! Do!


Julie Brown