A story of how I started out, and how I got to where I am now

TatertotsThe other day my husband and I were discussing how we used to sit on our bed at night after the kids went to bed, he would cook up some Tater Tots, like a whole plate of them. Much more than we should have been able to even eat.. And then we would put a show on the TV and eat the Tater Tots while we watched the show.

Now if this was a rare treat or occasion, this kind of behavior might be ok. But it wasn’t. It was a regular thing! Like a daily or almost daily thing! The reason why we did this so often is because we were hiding from life. We didn’t want to think about our own lives, so we would immerse ourselves into the lives of those in the TV programs. We did not want to deal with ourselves and the feelings of inadequacy or disappointment, so we didn’t. We were Truant in our lives. We used the food and the TV programs to “numb” ourselves.

Now we do not have a TV in our bedroom, no TV programing and only use entertainment on the weekends when it is a fun activity for our family or us as a couple. And I RARELY buy tater tots.

I asked my husband if he missed that. And he said, “it is fun to do something like that every so often, but I do not miss the way it made me feel.”

The awesome thing we learned is that, once we decided to take life on and face it for what it was, we actually started to feel better! Our health improved, and we were better able to deal with the emotions of life. We talk and discuss life now. We are showing up in life in a big way.

Last night instead of TV, we are currently going through a parenting course and so we listened to the parenting class. Every spare night this week we will be doing that instead of watching TV. We have come SO far. And it is showing in our lives. Are our lives perfect. No way. But that is not our aim. Our aim is for improvement. Progress. Betterment. Not perfection. I know that problems and learning opportunities always come in life. Life will never be perfect. But I can show up in life and gain progress every single day.

And now I feel like preaching from the rooftops that there is MORE to life than Tater Tots, TV and Truancy. My life is 100% better than it was before. Well at least my head in the game is 100% better. And my fulfillment in life is also 100% better. Showing up in life is not hard. But it does take daily effort.

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