I had so much fun interviewing these two amazing woman! Tune in for 30 min. for a powerful little boost in your day! Great tips for better communication and understanding with your kids, and some great organization tips for your home with the Domestic Ninja!

Lydia Taggart

Debbie Tonks

Marriage Mastermind Meeting

One of the most powerful things that has really taken my marriage to a whole new level is having weekly meetings with my husband. We go over what we love about each other, our schedules, goals and dreams and also the serious stuff we need to discuss about our kids, marriage or life. Then we end with some sort of physical affection. This little meeting, how I felt inspired to set it up covers all of the love languages except gifts! How awesome would that be to know you have 4 out of 5 love languages each and every week?! I feel so passionate about it, I love to teach others to do it too. Download your free copy of the instruction sheet I created to help you get started on your own weekly marriage meetings. I would love to hear from you once you try it!