I love teaching women’s auto classes so much! It is so fun to see the things they can pick up on and learn. Most women think that cars are way too complicated to learn anything about them. But they are NOT and it is so cool to see them realize that for themselves. I love that I can teach things in a way that they really understand. And for them to walk away feeling more confident in their life and safer in their vehicles is so rewarding for me. Check out this video of what they learned!

Look at these adorable ladies! And check out what they loved about the women’s auto class and what they learned! If women who know nothing about cars, can learn as much as these ladies in a few short classes, YOU CAN TOO! If you’d like to come to one of my classes, text me at 801-815-3721 to find out when the next one is. Or to schedule a class for your own women’s or youth group.