Mom, need a boost?

I loved interviewing these amazing moms and business women! They are an inspiration to me. I hope you enjoy the easy tips they gave!

Camille is a professional speaker and trainer. She has worked with the lieutenant governor’s office, Salt Lake City’s mayor’s office, and various nonprofit groups in her effort to engage communities and families. Camille has received multiple honors for her work and has a great passion for what she does. She has authored and co-authored several curriculums and programs. Her most recent is called The Engaged Family . Today’s world is full of myriad factors that tug and pull at families, threatening to separate and destroy them. Camille will be sharing the Four Keys to creating an engaged family and will also provide listeners with a few actionable items they can implement immediately.

Amanda White is an amazing and genuine person. She is a rock star wife, homeschooling mom to her 3 wonderful daughters, driven business owner, guided meditation master, and phenomenal Time and Productivity Coach. Amanda loves to enable other powerful moms take back their time in order to gain the next level of success in their lives, while still being able to put family first.