Meet Julie

Julie Brown is a Mentor and Life Coach helping entrepreneur couples improve their relationships, increase their ability to receive and act on inspiration, and improve their ability to create money in their businesses. She has been coaching others for many years in various ways, but she made if official and has been life coaching now for over a year. She is the mother of 3 lively children and the wife to an AMAZING man. She loves health, growing her own food, relationships, helping others connect with God, and helping others live at the next level. Julie is an auto mechanic, and has a shop in her Dad’s barn in South Jordan, UT. (Spoiled, right?) She grew up on a farm and was her Dad’s farm hand along with her brothers. She loves to try new things and learn new concepts. But the most important things in her life begin with being a wise mom to her kids and a good wife for her entrepreneur husband. You will love Julie’s enthusiastic style, and her intuitive, and step by step way of teaching.

“Julie Brown is a high level life coach, intuitive mentor, and motivational speaker. She has influenced hundreds with her high energy, interactive style, and powerful content.”

Life Coach and Personal Mentor

Julie is a dynamic and intuitive Mentor and Life Coach. She helps:

  • you overcome relationship blocks to deepen your relationships and find more fulfillment in your relationships
  • get your businesses off the ground and helps you place in those key pieces that make the biggest difference to your success
  • focuses on mindset and  creating the right environment in your mind to achieve your hopes and dreams in life
  • each session is customized to you and your needs and goals
  • get your homes in order and more efficient with systems in place so that as you pursue goals, your family is taken care of
  • get you really focused on goals and achieving them!
  • you get action step and mind set oriented
  • you become well balanced in your life and pursue of dreams. So that you are not only achieving goals in your business, but also in your relationships, your health and your spiritual connection.

What others are saying about working with Julie one on one…

Jana said about working with Julie, “I am a life coach and I don’t often take the time to work on things myself. I also don’t trust everyone to work on me but my intuition told me Julie was the right person for me. Her kind wise spirit and genuine love came through in each of her sessions with me. She didn’t always say what I wanted to hear but she always said what I needed to hear to help me get the growth I was looking for. She was very in tune and perceptive with all of the things that we were working on. She was able to see situations in a way I didn’t see them myself which helped me to be able to shift my thoughts and feelings about them. She helped me see my marriage and finances in a different way. From the bottom of my heart I am grateful for Julie!!!”


Julie has been featured on Amy Walker’s Radio show, and Julie Hatch’s radio program. She has appeared on Studio 5, she has been featured in the newspaper numerous times, and spoken on other various stages and events including Hope Haven Events. Recently, she has a featured story in a book called Homes Infused with Light, Love & Energy by Christina Smith. Julie also serves as an Elite Performance Coach for the renowned 3 Key Elements [personal development company].

“Entertaining delivery with powerful content!”

Presentation Topics

Marriage Mastermind Meetings

My marriage and my LIFE have changed since implementing marriage mastermind meetings into my life. I love teaching others to do these meetings, but I especially love teaching HOW to incorporate the meetings into their lives. I want this concept to be a good and happy experience for them. It should not turn into a fight, but married couples should be able to talk about tough issues and get on the same page. Holding marriage mastermind meetings will help achieve this each and every week in a LOVING way. This is one of my very favorite topics to speak on!

Feminine and Masculine Energy Balance

As an auto mechanic, I have learned more than most women about imbalance of masculine and feminine energy in my own life. I have found great success and insight on how to switch the balance back to where the natural balance should be. It is not about WHAT you do but HOW. I have simple steps and tools to teach couples to create the balance in their home.

Basic Car Maintenance For Women (and Men)

I am an auto mechanic. Yep you read that right. I got ASE certified and everything! I love fixing things and problem solving. However I love to teach others even more. So I combined my skills to offer valuable training for women (and men) on basics of your car with the intent to help show women (or men) that “You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to!” Have me to come to your church women’s group or other event, or even sign up for my Women’s Auto Class at my shop in South Jordan Utah!

Listening to inspiration

Have you ever heard that if you find what your purpose is, then you will find success much easier? I have been taught that for years, and I searched and searched for answers. But the problem was, I did not know HOW to find my purpose or passion. I love EVERYTHING! Well, I finally figured it out. I found what my mission and message is… And life has become SO much more fulfilling! I would love to teach how to turn your heart over to God and let Him guide you to find your purpose. I have had clients experience INCREDIBLE results after implementing the tools I teach.

Invite Julie to come speak!

Julie’s speaking style is fun, and interactive. Her presentations are packed with great tools and tangible things to take home with you. She stands out from others in her industry because of her engaging style. She will keep the audience focused and learning. Julie will custom design her training just for you and your group’s needs. Her intuitive style means genuine, custom work that will send you home with exactly the tools and resources you need. She regularly speaks to church groups and various stages on subjects like: auto basics for women (yes she is an auto mechanic), veggie gardening and preserving food, taking your marriage to the next level, and listening to inspiration and knowing the difference between inspiration and your own thoughts.

Julie’s schedule fills up quickly, so book her today! She will contact you to arrange schedules to come speak to your womens group, youth group or confrence!

What others are saying…

Julie is one of those brave and powerful souls changing the world on the front lines. She knows it, she lives it, she loves it, and she will show you how.

David Gann

I feel free to move forward to becoming a better person with a more fulfilling life experience, not only for me but also for my children.
I really appreciated having simple tasks that solved major problems.

Maria Harwood

This lovely lady is going somewhere in a powerful definite way. What an inspirational leader! If you are looking peace and clarity in your life, she is the one to follow. I’m so thankful for the honor of being connected with her and the great value she has brought my life.

Tyra Mackert

Adam and Lacey Platt

Shawn White

Carol White

Andy Smith