Unlock more joy and happiness in your life as you understand “The Mind Numbing Effect.”

As our society gets more and more entrenched in the media we are constantly bombarded with. It is getting harder and harder to draw the line. We sacrifice relationships and joy in our lives for the media we consume. How do we know what effect and toll it is taking? What are some tools and real life things we can do to help us make the best choices for the moment? In this CD you will learn 3 crucial things:

  1. What impact using media takes in your life and what “the mind numbing effect’ is.
  2. How and when to draw the line in your life.
  3. TOOLS and actual things you can incorporate in your life to help you free yourself from that addiction and create amazing habits that move your forward in your relationships, career or business and success in all areas of your life.

“The Mind Numbing Effect” is REAL. It is making us numb to our lives and the things that are happening around us. It is causing your more pain and hardship than is necessary in life. It is time to take control back! It is time to stop “The Mind Numbing Effect.”

What others are saying…

The Mind-Numbing Effect is an amazing CD!  Just using one of the tools she taught has really helped me.  I highly recommend this CD!

Elona Rohde

Mentor, Ask The ADHD Kid

Julie has great vision, great advice and techniques. Definitely worth my time and money!

Britney King

Singer/song writer, Iris