Women’s Basic Auto Class

I am Julie Brown.

I am a certified Auto Mechanic and in fact, I worked in a dealership for many years! I now have my own little shop. I occasionally work on clients cars, but now I mostly use my skills to teach others. I love to help women see that they are far more capable than they realize!

I am NOT a feminist. I think it is important to honor the God given abilities as men and women. However I do not believe that those roles and talents should stop us from learning and doing things out of the norm.

One of the big things that people say when they find out I am an auto mechanic is that I do not seem like one since I am so feminine. I love that I am a woman and I know that as a woman I can do what ever I WANT and put my mind to. However, if I had a flat tire on the side of the road, and a man stopped to help change it, you bet I would let him! I would not even tell him I was an auto mechanic. I would gratefully accept the help and be very appreciative of his help.


I am a woman, a very feminine woman. I am a wife of an entrepreneur husband. I am a mom of 3 energetic kids. I am a faith filled and church going person. I am a life coach and personal mentor. I am a veggie gardening enthusiast. I am an auto mechanic. I am Julie Brown. If I can learn how to work on cars, you can certianly learn a few money saving, and helpful tips about your car.

Learn some awesome money saving tips and get one on one attention to teach you about YOUR own car in this hands on workshop!

I have been featured in newspapers, TV programs and other places about my auto classes for women. It is fun to hear from those who took my classes years ago report that they are still changing their oil in their vehicles. Moms who have small children who are able to save their family money by doing some basics on their car.

For me it is fun to see how empowered they feel. It is not scary to do new things when you have someone show you the path. You CAN do hard things! And once you have done them a few times it is so simple! If I can become an auto mechanic, you can learn a few basic things on your car for sure!

I teach a 1/2 day Auto Maintenance workshop for women. In this class we cover the basics of car maintenance. I have found many of the participants find out how easy it is to do some basic things on their own car! This class saves you HUNDREDS of dollars just by what we do together in class on your vehicle. For example: An oil change alone at least $45… Have a shop clean your battery, inspect your brakes, change your wipers and air filter… It adds up. These are all very simple things I am a pro at teaching women how to understand and do on thier own.  All of this you have the chance to do for only the cost of your parts and the class!  Just to start with. Long term it totally adds up. The peace of mind and confidence it brings you… priceless.


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What others are saying…

Julie’s Auto Mechanics for Women class was fun AND it gave me confidence to care for my car’s basics needs myself. Very empowering! Jessie Smith

I had a fun adventure, the car stopped moving (engine revved but no forward momentum) while I was driving on Wednesday.  I suspected it was the transmission, checked the fluid, and sure enough it was very low.  I did have a mechanic check for leaks after adding the fluid just to make sure everything was ok. (turned out the oil change place didn’t fill it after the transmission service, no leaks thank goodness)  I am darn proud to have been able to figure out and solve the problem by myself.  This class was SO COOL.  Thank you again for teaching it!

Jessica S.

Thanks for being such a fun teacher. I really DID learn a lot, and maybe someday I’ll get brave and do my own transmission fluid changes and everything! 🙂  I’ll be getting some ramps and oil-changing gear next month, which I’m TOTALLY stoked for! I already have my 4 oil changes for the year on my calendar!

Heidi M.